Mental Health First Aid Courses

Mental Health First Aid

Why do a Mental Health First Aid Course?

As a MHFA England accredited Mental Health First Aider or Champion you will be able to understand and support those who may be experiencing mental ill health. Confidently providing non-judgemental support and reassurance to guide them to seek appropriate professional support.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health First Aid courses in the workplace has been proven to have a positive impact on staff and business profitability. For every £1 spent by the employer on mental health interventions, they get back £5 in reduced absence, presenteeism, and staff turnover.

Research has shown that undertaking a Mental Health First Aid course raises awareness of mental illnesses, encourages early intervention to aid recovery, increases confidence in dealing with mental illnesses and reduces stigma. A study asked 81 organisations how the workplace had changed since introducing Mental Health First Aiders. Below is what they found:

Mhfa Training
8th & 14th April

“The course was insightful, enjoyable, empowering and quite moving at times. I learnt so many practical things that will hopefully help me to assist colleagues, family, friends and more in the future. Thanks so much, Ryan and Matt!”

6th & 13th March

“Matt and Ryan,Thank you very much for the course.I found it very enlightening and fulfilling.During these two days and personal online training, I get the theory and, most importantly, a good practice. I feel more confident to help someone, knowing the steps and the technique I could use.I feel more comfortable, and my view of mental health illness also changed. I’ve got a better understanding of the symptoms and the effects on people’s lives. We should give everybody an MHFA course as physical first aid—starting in high school and any company.”

9th & 10th September

“The instructors were highly skilled and knowledgable in mental h nt ealth. They made the course accessible in a easy straight foreward format, they made my input feel easy and valid. Not at any point did I feel unsure or wrong. They made us feel an inclusive group and did not over bombard us with information. Kind caring genuine guys. Personally I believe a MHFA is valuable in all walks of life Employment, School and University settings.”

6th & 7th September

“Really enjoyed the course, great trainers, keeping everyone engaged. Would recommend to anybody who manages a team and wants to improve their skills on offering and recognising when somebody needs support with mental health.”

27th & 28th March

“Ryan and Matthew were great instructors. Very knowledgable, supportive and calm in their manner and presentation. The online aspect worked really well and the content as informative and engaging. The breakout rooms to discuss case studies was a great aspect of the course and kept up my engagement. Regular breaks was good too. The manual is really well presented and is a resource that I’ll return to often and will definitely read in its entirety. The self learning was a good aspect. Thank you!”

17th & 18th December 2020

“Throughout the course Ryan was really clear and patient. The course really helped me to understand mental health in myself and others. I learnt a lot and would highly recommend this course to anyone.”